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Dazaran, A provider and operator of new-commerce ecosystem to change your business model by growing technology. Create the online version of your store and enjoy profits with lower cost and more customers.

Your Online Store

Online version of your store is just a few clicks away


Dazaran is an online company dedicated to craft a digital market for e-commerce shoppers.

1000+ Customers

Dazaran Provide best services to their customer and they are satisfied on regular basis.

Strong Mission

Mission of Dazaran is to provide best services to their customers and they achieved.

Online Shopping

Provide online platform to their customer in termn of website and mobile app.

All Stores Availablity

Mission of Dazaran is to provide best services to their customers All the stores in one app.

Dazaran Sellers

Registration and doing business with dazaran is optional and open to all sellers. As being associated with service industry we take this opportunity to express the services we are ready to provide. We all know that concept of online shopping refers to the process of purchasing products or services via internet.






Dazaran Customers

DazaranApp is leading online grocery delivery service. Our trained shoppers carefully pick the freshest products from stores in your area. Our delivery partners make sure you get your shopping on the same day, within a 2 hour window.


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more customers

More Profit

Lower Cost

24/7 Open

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Easy Promotion

Diverse Marketing
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